The Most Expensive Kurt Cobain Auction Items

Kurt Cobain is a legendary name in the music industry. Nirvana’s frontman is the magician of music. In this post, we are going to show you some of the most expensive items of the late Kurt Cobain that went on with huge price tags on auction.

The Most Expensive Kurt Cobain Auction Items

1. ‘MTV Unplugged’ Guitar – $6.01 Million

Probably, This is the most expensive Kurt Cobain auction item of a lifetime. Kurt Cobain’s MTV Unplugged acoustic guitar was sold for $6,010,000 at an auction in 2020.

2. Custom Fender Mustang – $340,000

A custom guitar built by Fender for Cobain was sold at auction for $340,000 in 2019.

3. ‘MTV Unplugged’ Cardigan  – $334,000

MTV Unplugged Cardigan was sold twice and for the last time, it was for $334,000 in 2019.

4. Signed Self Portrait Drawing – $281,250

This is an example of legendary status as this silly hand-drawn caricature Cobain made of himself was sold for $281,250 in 2021.

5. Smashed Fender Stratocaster – $153,600

Kurt Cobain smashed this during the live show and guess what it was sold at auction for $153,600 in 2020.

6. ‘MTV Unplugged’ Cardigan (Earlier Sale) – $137,500

The fuzzy sweater Cobain was sold twice at auction. Previously it went for $137,500 in 2015. Later on, Kurt Cobain’s famed cardigan from Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged concert was sold for $334,000.

7. Stage Played Stratocaster – $128,000

A black Fender Stratocaster guitar was sold for $128,000 to the eighth bidder in 2020. This guitar was used by Cobain during 1993–1994 In Utero tour.

8. Jag-Stang Prototype- $93,750

Kurt Cobain co-designed this guitar model with the guitar company. It was sold at auction for $93,750 in 2010.

9. Stage Worn Jacket – $87,000

A jacket worn onstage by Kurt Cobain was sold for $87,000. It was a dark cerulean velvet jacket.

10. Destroyed Guitar Body – $81,250

Destroyed onstage by Cobain, The splintered wood body of an old Aria Pro II Cardinal Series guitar was sold at auction for $81,250 in 2018.

11. Final Photoshoot Cardigan – $75,000

A cardigan once worn by Cobain went for $75,000 in 2019. Cobain wears the sweater in images from his final photo shoot. It is not the same one he wore to film MTV Unplugged in New York

12. Signed Painting – $64,000

This simple painting was sold for $64,000 in 2017

13. 1992 MTV Video Music Award Statue – $62,500

Kurt Cobain received awarded with MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in a Video in 1992. The award statue was sold at auction for $62,500 in 2017.

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